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A message from Michelle Banks


ISM II, conceived and directed by Michelle Banks

ISM II - The New VOCA Ensemble of Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing (HoH) BIPOC individuals shares their true stories and experiences in American Sign Language (ASL) when confronted with societal “isms”, discriminatory practices, and oppression. Through the lens of social change, they express hope and freedom using Deaf Hip Hop culture: music, dance, poetry, multimedia, and storytelling.

Casting call: ISM II instructions:

Casting: Seeking 5 or 6 Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing BIPOC individuals/actors/performers/dancers

  • Must be able to share stories about societal isms such as racism, ableism, audism, etc. in American Sign Language (ASL) or other sign languages.

  • Must be able to move (dance)

​​Self-Tape Audition Instructions: Prepare two stories about your personal “ism” experiences. Each 1-2 minutes. Prepare a dance piece to dance to your favorite song/music (Hip-Hop). 2 minutes. You can use your iphone or Android phone to video your audition - Vertical Only!

For your video slate: Please sign your name, height, and location/place of residence.

Send your self-tape audition and your resume/headshot to

*Callback (in person): Saturday, September 9th. We will email you for a callback with details if you are considered for the show.


📢 Are you ready to share your "ism" story and express yourself through dance? Take the step and submit your self-tape audition!

Submit your self-tape audition:

We're eagerly awaiting your stories and dance moves. The excitement is palpable. Join us for auditions - ISM II!

For more information:

For more info, please go to

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