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Professional Training

Professional Training

Visionaries of the Creative Arts is committed to providing professional training for all artists who want to discover their skills or to continue honing their skills in various creative arts disciplines. Various creative arts disciplines may include playwriting, directing, filmmaking, dancing, producing, designing, stage managing, and acting.  This training gives them the opportunity to explore more about themselves as artists. As a result, VOCA supports them by creating a space for them to learn, grow, and nurture their talents.  All adults from ages 18 and up are welcome to take the professional training with us.


VOCA partners with Deaf Spotlight in hosting the Acting Workshop Series throughout the year. We offer six-week rigorous sessions for novice and experienced actors.  We extend an array of acting workshop series, including but not limited to character development and scene study, monologues, improvisation, audition, on-camera, and cold reading.

In February 2021, VOCA and Deaf Spotlight offered the first virtual Acting Workshop series with two sessions of actors: beginner and intermediate levels taught by Alexandria Wailes.  The title of the first series was Character Development & Scene Study. Each session filled up quickly and it was a huge success!  We are excited to offer the next virtual Acting Workshop Series in August.

The next virtual Acting Workshop Series will take place in 2023. We will announce in January 2023 and the session registration will open soon.

For more inquiries, please contact us at

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